How I Create Video Ads About ZARA

How I Create Video Ads About ZARA

As I mentioned before about my concept of the video. I summarise that here, the concept is to promote the virtual trial room. For this I suggest VR. Now I am going to explain how I created this video which effect I used also how it’s going.

Here I use a stock video from, I just fast-forward it so that it does not look boring. I increase 600% of its speed. this video is about a lady who checks some dresses in a shop.

I use three videos at a time, i is she is walking, and entering the room and another video shows that she is checking her dresses in front of the mirror. all of those images are collected from I also fast-forward them and cut a little bit to make them look good. and use position and scale to set all of them on the same frame. Also, add some borders so that it looks good.

This is also a stock video and also collected from I use text, speed up and scale up to make this part show that she is happy.

here use an effect called Track Matte key and matte my main video. so that the video showed under the text.

I collected this video from YouTube where the man said “DO IT”, I used video to make my ad funny and interactively. This was also a very popular meme. I didn’t use any effect on it.

This video footage was recorded by me. you can see a girl in this clip, she is my classmate and she volunteers for this clip. and I use a text effect to show “TRY OUR NEW VIRTUAL TRIAL ROOM”

I use a glitch effect here to show that she is now going to the VR world.

This is also a stock video collected from in this clip, we see a girl in different dresses. I use it as a reference because of the limited time I can not be able to record this type of video with my classmate that is why I talked with one of my teachers, her name is Roxane. and told her about this then she told me that I can use those stock video that is why I use this as a reflection of my vision.

here is the same girl with a different dress.

Here my classmate was watching herself with a different dress and she swapped her dress just waving her hand.

In my final footage I use some different dresses of a girl and all of them are ZARA’s dresses. all of those images are collected from the internet.

I added an effect and showed ZARA’s name so that I could influence my viewers about ZARA.

In this footage, I added a subheading that showed my main motive that ZARA is moving with the Digital Future.

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