My observation after reading “Life As I Know IT: Daniel Webb”

My observation after reading “Life As I Know IT: Daniel Webb”

Every year we produce 380 million tonnes of plastic. We throw it anywhere after using it then that enters our natural environment and oceans and pollutes them. Recently, I read an article on a Website named ECO-AGE, titled “Life As I Know IT: Daniel Webb”. From this article, I know about the initiative taken by Daniel Webb. I was surprised when I saw that he mentions just in one year, how much plastic he uses. He also said that at the end of the year, he emptied 22 bin bags of plastic waste. The first time I heard about “How many plastics are thrown in the UK per year”, The estimated number was horrible because the number is not in millions, it is 295 billion pieces.

Infographics credit: Designed by Leap. Courtesy of Everyday Plastic

From this article, I also know about Daniel Webb’s Idea. He and one of his photography friends, Created a huge billboard with his collected plastic waste. And show it to people. That lead was great, people can understand how much plastic waste they generate annually. But the problem is that we have emotions why when we see those types of things we become emotional and start thinking about it but after some days we forget everything and do our daily job. My opinion is that Daniel Webb’s Idea was great and worthwhile but just for the short term.

Source: The Guardian. Daniel Webb in front of his Mural-by-the-Sea. Photograph Ollie Harrop/Everyday Plastic.

I was not too concerned about plastic before, but sometimes I think I have to be more careful about my plastic use. As I said before we are human and we are emotional, so when I read something about plastic pollution I became more careful about it but after some days I forgot everything.

I think I have to change my thoughts about plastic and be aware of my plastic use. But I am confused that is the same thing happened to me again or not. That is why I made a promise to myself that I would be more careful about plastic. and every time I use plastic I try to remind myself that I have to be careful about plastic use.

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